Dmitri Kirichenko: Knew we would be leaders

Dmitri Kirichenko: Knew we would be leadersAnother year and a half ago Dmitry Kirichenko was the idol of the Rostov fans, the main star of the team from the banks of the don. Today he can take the field against his former club - t-shirt CSKA, for the first time about a striker last season. Let me remind you that the season brought Dmitry, the title of one of the best scorers in the Russian championship.- How did moving to the bustling Moscow after "quiet flows the don"?- Normally without any problems. Of course, Moscow has its disadvantages - still the city is too big, but the benefits in the capital much more. And most importantly - feel the team is very good. Nostalgia for Rostov no? Sometimes, I will not hide. I did spent four great years in the "Rostselmash", where I have very many friends, his own apartment. Often remember the city and the team, and fans. Last year twice went there with the whole family and a great time. In General, though, I came to the light in the Stavropol region, Rostov think hometown.- This did not prevent you last season in two games to score the goal of the former team's five goals! How did you do it - probably tuned in a special way?- No, no special attitude was not just elementary coincidence. I just was in perfect physical shape, and Rostselmash, on the contrary, was in a crisis and played poorly.- This year we intend to upset you, "growth"?- With pleasure! Moreover, we must try and score even more! (Laughs.)- Let's talk about your role in CSKA. Many people do not understand why the best scorer of the championship is almost out in the main part of his team. As you look at it yourself? Not gonna lie - I certainly don't like. But last season there was a time when I was a first-team regular. Therefore, deserved then this right, and now, apparently, lost his coaches always visible. Also on the team is the twenty-odd people, and all, of course, are torn on the field. It remains only to work up a sweat.- Like last year, CSKA is a very confident start in the League, while not losing any points. The secret to this quick start?- No secrets - just a very well prepared for the season, both physically and psychologically. Honestly, I knew we would be leaders with the first rounds.- Which of the first four games of the heaviest army?- Of course, with Spartak. Though red-white unsuccessfully started the season, against us they played great. But CSKA was still stronger on the game, and the strongest, as you know, lucky.- What, in your opinion, is different today from CSKA last year?- I think the main difference lies in a more sustainable psychology. A few rounds before the end of last season Valery Georgievich said, "we Win all the remaining matches and either become a champion, or play in the gold match." As the water looked! But we, the players of faith in their own strength, probably not enough. Gold medals we lost, losing it mentally. This year, these problems should not be.- Identified as you want to score this year?- Determined, but to advertise, sorry, I won't.- Now in dispute of the best scorers in the Premier League is leading another army Jarosik. He had already settled in the team?- The player Jiri certainly cool - see it all. And the team immediately became his. However, we all own (laughs).- Please, make a prediction: who will score more by the end of the season Jarosik, Gusev or Kirichenko?- Oh, hard to say... my Answer is this - let we will score equally, and CSKA will be the champion. It satisfies all three of them!Areg HOVHANNISYAN.

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