Five thousand for justice

Five thousand for justiceYou have not watched the case on the days of Russian football? That's right - you're not a member(s) of the control and disciplinary Commission of the Russian football Union. Those, however, matches also look whole, but choosing only peak moments.This week apart from the competition was a penalty behalf of Valentin Ivanov in the match CSKA - 'Spartacus'. Not just scrolling through this episode in the record, expert, expert Commission by five votes to two, decided: penalty-it was not! And is disqualified Ivanov for the next two games, at the same time fined 50% of the royalties owed to him for that game. Why only half, if the error is recognized resultativity? It is evident, from the fact that in the second writing contested red-white point - a collision in the army now free Titova with the Right guidance was still left to the referee: the right seascouts the ball bore. So, it turns out, half Ivanov sued right, and that's money in the same proportion will receive. As wonderful in the film 'the Goalkeeper', when the barometer weather station worked half correct: when the rain came down, he about and testified, but when the sun was shining, it is all one stubbornly insisted on rain.Along the way, was acquitted by the judge Sukhina is already Dynamo was the complaint, a penalty of another first round, in which the gate Berezovsky was beaten even in Vladikavkaz. Here he was appointed fair! It remains only to marvel at the foresight of judicial authorities - or do they film what the other was, not that the rest of us in the TV squandered, because compared to Ivanovo odinnadtsatimetrovy this Suginoi - just a concrete sample inept bias. But already in the third round, the game 'Saturn' - 'locomotive', it became clear that Sukhina not able to referee the main thing - correctly to remove a player from the field! 'Sukhina not clearly showed Evseev after the second yellow cards red. Therefore, Evseev, it seems, did not realize that was deleted, and didn't want to leave the field. We eventually limited odnomarshevoy disqualification', are the words of the Chairman of the FTC Victor Marushka. You might naively thought that the match will be less to judge Sukhina? Does it Evseeva so merciful punished.The thing that frustrated injustice Moroccan Bugs penalty was not taken, and the Armenian Berezovsky, and not to such tricks on earth our football, where the grass most of the year not fundamentally grows accustomed, in spite of the Sukhin picked him up. And judicial error - 'Dynamo' because the current is not much less (only if less than all) in the right circles rapidly losing position after 'Spartak' Keeper brought up no results. But then don't Sukhina already - control-all these expert committees, state of the market in a very pure form! - Evseeva with potato field trying to kick. Busy people during the week this was not only something to look at, but to listen. That's incorrect, they decided, was acting President of 'Spartacus' Andrew Chervichenko - and fined him five thousand roubles. Why so?'This amount is stated in our rules. We cannot act otherwise. But the FIFA regulations, the penalty would have amounted to not less than 15 thousand Swiss francs. But it's not the amount. Need to behave normally', is again Mr. Maruschak.I mean, if we, the accused Chervichenko had not behaved quite normally, but within five thousands of fine - and would have said about Koloskova, judges and all other more nasty things - all would fit in the required amount. In the restaurant - 'd cram dishes from the heart, and then began to restrain himself, and the penalty prescribed is the same. Which is in a way a shame so many enemies denounced - and some quite miserable pittance.And ahead - match 'Spartacus' with 'Wings'. Who is it judged? Oh, it will be difficult to prove their non-participation in antipartisan conspiracy. Because Andrew Chervichenko, I'm afraid, not for all the money has been fined...Sergey Mikulic.

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