Goal by Adrian deprives Milan chance for the scudetto

Goal by Adrian deprives Milan chance for the scudettoThe match at the Ennio Tardini expected with impatience, and not just because it was a meeting of the leading group of five. Ended earlier match Juventus - Torino left so unsightly impression that everyone wanted to see a good football match between the two leaders.In General the expectations of fans and experts were justified. The game was conducted in a two-handed attacks. In the first half, the ball almost did not stay in the center of the field.Active was Andriy Shevchenko, who was kept in suspense for defencists "Parma". The owners also do not sit in the defense; command and then changed the direction of their attacks, often resorted to long shots. But until then the defenders defeated the attackers. In the final minute of the first half Adrian Mutu could lift the spirits of their partners before the break, but after his shot enviable reaction demonstrated Dida.The second half again more active guests began. Early in the second half of the two events had Filippo Inzaghi. Receiving a pass from Serginho, Pippo-goal changed its nickname, missing with two meters. A minute later he hit with the penalty, but again inaccurate.The meeting continued to keep the audience in suspense. Unlike the day of the match in Parma was observed more games, not fight. Well played also and goalkeepers. French Parma Frey brilliantly parried Seedorf eleven feet.But in the 75th minute Dida oppositely his team not saved. His compatriot Adrian heel trying to smuggle the ball into the goal, and, in the end, after the bounce from foot Dida the ball flew into the goal. In the future, "Milan made a desperate attempt to recoup. Especially trying Seedot that desperately unlucky. On 82 minutes he seemed to beat for sure far top corner, but the ball bounced off the crosses in the box. In a minute, "Milan" has finally scored. It's Filippo Inzaghi at the second attempt pushed the ball into the net but the goal judge ruled, fixing a controversial offside. The players would not rest until the last minute, trying to achieve that goal " was the only one in the match. All in vain, Milan lost, leaving almost all hope of victory in the Italian League..

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