Valery Karpin: How to put real on the blades

Valery Karpin: How to put real on the bladesPut on the shoulder of real Madrid, and did it so effectively and convincingly, that the regularity of the final result recognized even in defeat, is that really worth it. But because we have to give credit to the fact that they had made a "real Sociedad" together with Valery Carpini, who was on the field one of the best.The victory with the score 4:2 left sansebastian chances for the title is now the difference between them and "real" was reduced to a minimum. Thus, the Russian player may become the first winner of the most prestigious European championship. How can we explain our success? It's very simple: we played better than real Madrid.- Don't it amazing?- Not at all! When we played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, also were closer to victory, has created more scoring chances. Even it's a shame that in that match was a draw.- If so, can you share the recipe victory over real Madrid?- Coaching setup was like this: the pressure, the minimum time rivals for decision making, in any case, does not cling to his penalty. All this we managed to do, that they felt at ease.- After the meeting, spoke with the players, "Royal club"?- Exchanged a few words with mГ­chel Salgado and Makelele, with whom he performed in "Celta". Both, needless to say, were very upset.- Now consider the chances of your team for the title?- To argue on this subject is pointless - we have nine more rounds, and a lot can change. I know one thing: for the first place we will definitely fight for it.- Is there a concern that during the pre-season team leaders will go into more famous clubs? To leave the "real Sociedad", I think, can only be those who will offer very much money. Yes and it's too early about this. The fight for the title in full swing, no one care about the not thinking. No good deed goes unpunished, and we have an interesting team that his game a lot already proved.- The last question. When I watched on TV your match with real Madrid, was constantly caught myself thinking: maybe your decision to leave the Russian team is not final? If you change your mind?- No. I, alas, no longer a boy, it is time to relax and make way for others. We have promising players who need to gain experience serious matches. The future belongs to them.Maxim KWIATKOWSKI.

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