Shinnik - locomotive: after the match

Shinnik - locomotive: after the matchYuriy Semin:- I Think that today about football is uncertain. Makes no sense, because on such a field to play. Moreover, to play at a high level. This also applies to the Yaroslavl team, and us. So nothing to comment on. Long struggle, transfer, selection. Happiness first smiled one, then the second. Beat it. Comment only one: such fields as accepted!- Yuri Pavlovich, in the second match in a row, players of Lokomotiv is not excited. What is it? Today the judge removed completely objectively. If that objective judgment, then deletes it would be more. Why!!!? So this violation was the second. Stopped the attack, was given a card. The player then acted as though he had forgotten he had one shot on target.- But you also had to go on the field to pacify Evseeva? (By the way, in addition to the Semin for expulsion from the field of remote Evseeva, which broke the threats against judges, it was necessary to enter the field and spare players Locomotive" and masseurs).- There's nothing particularly interesting happened. Why today Cesar not appeared in the starting lineup?- Today he played well, but before this was not his best game.- Are you satisfied with the result?- We are happy with. We saved the game. Sorry, I have to go, and you stay with your field.Alexander Pobelov:- Under other circumstances you could be satisfied with a draw with Lokomotiv, but today when we had chances and some advantage, we conceded a goal from a team that was left without a single player. Therefore no satisfaction to say that.- Why the team once again failed to keep the score?- I think that here, and discipline had not enough, and the bad luck occurred. The corner from which they scored, could not take place. And there Muscovites lucky. The ball from someone ricochetal, Glad controlled the strike, but fortune has not played for us. IO also is "locomotive". He added, even when he was in the minority.- It was evident that both tired extreme Hava, and Skokov, and Kucharz. Why is replaced by skokova?- Deleted was Evseev, who played in his area. There is also Nizhegorodov replaced. Skokov spent a large amount of work. I decided that skokova on its edge may not be enough, and the fresh ruby will help..

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