Saturn Ren-TV - Krylia Sovetov: after the match

Saturn Ren-TV - Krylia Sovetov: after the matchAccording to the tradition in Ramenskoye guests are not shining three points, because Russian history samarians away three times lost time and reduced the match to a draw. The pattern was confirmed, and the cuts were much closer to defeat than to a draw, but in stoppage time, Patrick Ovie tapped in at the far post to head a canopy partner. And the account was opened in the 60th minute, when substitute in 7 minutes before the Argentine striker Nicolas Pavlovich, headbutt embodied the goal aimed horseback transfer of Muratovich.Despite the fact that the chances to score the samarians opponent is capped, overall, the game looked equal. Naturally, a mentor, "Wings of the Soviets" Alexander Tarkhanov after the meeting was elated: "the Game was good and high quality, even in the second half, the opponents to maintain high speeds. Of course, my team I am not happy, because we lost some valuable points. Three one-on-one Nemov are worth. But, mindful of the miraculous rescue at the last minute, you know, that it is necessary to rejoice. How much will we squander scoring opportunities? This question is not to me but to the players. While the class does not allow them to score a lot steadily. I can't go out instead of them on the field."In turn, the head coach of "Saturn" Vitaly Shevchenko tried to restrain his indignation, but he could do it poorly: "we had enough chances to score for the opponent's goal, it was necessary to implement them. Generally in these games we have to win. I never understood why our players with the score 1:0 crawled forward to attack and score more? We're not even closing down, because of what we could, holding the ball to bring the ball to victory. I'm upset because I acted like Amateurs. But we have a new team, which lacks chemistry and experience. Moreover, we have lost due to injury Gorshkov, here broke in the neighborhood, not in the best shape are Rogachev, p. and Medvedev"..

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