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Viktor Onopko: In the Caucasus have a lot of friends

Viktor Onopko: In the Caucasus have a lot of friendsWhat does Viktor Onopko for the current Russian national team, many have understood the game in Shkodra, when our defense without its longtime captain crumbled like a house of cards. Then before the game 33-year veteran of the sprained ankle and was on the stadium "the loro Borici" as a spectator.- Of course, I was very worried for the guys, " recalls Onopko. - Match with the Albanians from the first minute got some nerve, but I, unfortunately, could do nothing to help the team. However, the tragedy of losing one to do wouldn't. From failures in football no one is immune. You need to draw the correct conclusions and move on. The tournament situation suggests that everything is still in our hands.- Originally the match in Tbilisi was scheduled to be held without spectators, but then UEFA changed the decision. Is it fair?- I will not judge about justice. I can only notice that because of individual bullies should not suffer the normal fans, of which the stadium vast majority. I never had to play in front of empty stands. In Georgia I love soccer. So I'm happy for the people who will see out the match on TV. When the stadium roars, enjoyable to play and for us, players.- But when you in from the rostrum of flying the knife, there are other feelings.- Of course, such things should be punished. Someone who did and those who did not provide the order at the stadium and outside. It was terribly frustrating when the bus with our team threw in Tbilisi stones. But, unfortunately, such things happen in football. Such already was held in Vladikavkaz, when he played for Spartak. But these incidents should engage the relevant authorities. I hope this time the Georgian side will do everything possible to ensure the safety of players and judges.- However, fans of the Russian team has suffered because of this decision by UEFA. Now they hardly have time to apply for a visa and to get to the match. How the absence of our fans can affect your game?" Of course, the support is always very important. Especially on the road. But we do not forget that a huge army of fans will worry about us on TV. However, I hope that some of our group will be able to get to the stadium and support the team.- What can you say about the national team of Georgia?- The opponents are tough, so the match is very serious. Georgian players have traditionally been distinguished by a graceful technique, great ball. More than once I had to play against Georgian teams at different levels. Among immigrants from Georgia I have many friends - Kakha Tskhadadze, Agric Cuaba, Omari Tetradze. The last two, by the way, overplayed for our team.- What was the most memorable for you match in Tbilisi?- It was in the late 80's, when I played for the reserve team of FC Shakhtar. We met with Dynamo at the main stadium Tbilisi, which now bears the name of Boris Paichadze. Imagine, then, the game alternates were about 20 thousand spectators! Great field, great locker rooms and a great atmosphere in the stands. Then I played in this stadium after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and much has already been abandoned. I admit, it was very sad.- Let's move to your club Affairs. How do you assess the chances of saving "Rayo Vallecano", now occupying the last place in the Spanish League?- There is a chance. From the saving zone, we are separated by just three points. I think the struggle for survival will continue until the last round. May notice that we have compared with competitors a good calendar in the remaining eight rounds. The biggest game on the road - with Barcelona, who have already lost a tournament motivation. In our club all believe that "Rayo Vallecano" will retain the residence in the camp of the fittest.- When you have a deadline of the current contract?- June 21.- And what comes next? It depends on several factors. Primarily on whether there will be "Rayo" in the top division. If Yes, the club wants to extend the contract with me.- But your desire?- While I think. There is still time.- Take the worst-case scenario: "Rayo Vallecano" crashes?- In this case, "Rayo" for financial reasons will not be able to renew the contract not only with me but with even half of the players. Essentially, the team will be partially sold.- What is your relationship with the new coach, "Rayo Vallecano" Antonio Iriondo?- Normal business relationship.- You know he was born in the USSR?- Know. Up to three years of Iriondo lived in our country, and then returned home.- At leisure't talked to him about the history of our country?- No. He only said that he knows a few words in Russian-"Hello" "how are you", "goodbye". But in our country Iriondo't been with anyone since he left her.- Can I say that to you as it relates in some way to compatriot?- No. Still more attention to the coach pays local players. Especially those who have played more than one year. I remain a foreigner. Although for me it's not too important. What is important? To be fair: if you're stronger.

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