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Torpedo-Metallurg - Chernomorets. The analysis of the match

Torpedo-Metallurg - Chernomorets. The analysis of the matchThe team of Sergey Aleynikov for that tour in a row can not win the championship, continuing unenviable vegetation in the basement of the standings.How were prepared for this match in Tocadisco club! Following a massive campaign to bring fans to the stadium (the organizers promised unprecedented for home games of the team the figure of 10 million viewers). Prepared for the celebration on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Yuri Gavrilov, now occupying one of the coaching positions at FC torpedo-metallurg". But the celebration was considerably dampened by the rain. Sad looked congratulations to Yuri Gavrilov before the start of the match from the General Manager "torpedo-metallurg" Yuri Belous, coach, and old friend Yuri Sergey Shavlo - it was too small audience. The celebrant in a brief speech, wished the new football generations to incorporate all the best and play at the level stars of the Soviet past.Eh, Yuri - would like the players to please you, but believe me, the pursuit of the best in the swamp, which has transformed yesterday's rain field Streltsovsky stadium, was doomed. The ball was stuck in puddles, and to adapt himself to the conditions of the water Polo players. Clever Leonov was the first to realize what was happening. On 17 minutes, nimble striker simple feints left out two Novorossiysk and that there are forces shot from 25 metres Levitsky control of the situation, however, took the ball hesitantly, he slipped his hands. It would seem that for the transcript of the match - a trifle, but to attack metallurgists, not enough stars in the sky, big deal. As Leonov after some time again checked Levitsky - deflection off the defender and disoriented Novorossiysk Keeper and the ball almost planned in the opposite corner.Hand on heart, we must admit that football was a dullness. Sensing the mood of the audience, the captain of metallurgists shoustikov in one of the breaks has entertained the audience with a pair of juggling techniques in Brazilian style. In response, there was little applause, somehow krasivie boredom. But closer to the middle of the second half things got emotional. The Bovio jumped with both feet on Rizvia, Garin smashed his head into the bloodstream in a collision in Rekhviashvili. Referee Sukhina managed to cool passions, and in the future of the team refrained from "games in the bone".And then there was the penalty spot. After a series of unimaginable falls in the penalty area, "drove" under Kamoltsev young Nikitin - No, not pulled up, and slipped. Is it possible to blame the guy in a rough game with such a disgusting state of the field? Sukhina point, shoustikov and hard To appeal, but no, the referee does not recede. A player for penalties Chornomorets Ayupov has unsophisticated, and Novosadova does not require superhuman efforts to fend off the 11-meter.The penalty kick was very upset mentor Chornomorets Igor Gamul: "Recently moles caught in Samara, and in this swamp wanted a gold fish to catch. Sorry, could not".Torpedo-Metallurg (Moscow) ? Chernomorets (Novorossiysk) - 0:0.Missed penalty: Ayupov, 74 (goalkeeper).Torpedo-metallurg: Novosadov - 6,5, Cossacks - 6,0, Korytko - 5,5, rizvic - 5,5, Khlestov - 6,0, shoustikov - 5,0 (K), Nikitin - 5,5, Leonov - 5,5, Rekhviashvili - 5,5, Monari - 5,0 (Lachin, 71 - b/o), Bielecki is 5.5.Chernomorets: Levitsky - 6,0, Techwise - 6,0, Ivanov - 5,5, Gordeuk - 5,5 - Varlamov-5,5, Cherkes - 5,5, Bovio - 5,5 (Snytko, 63 - 5,5), presedo (K) - 6,0, Ayupov - 5,5, Garin - 5,0 (kamoltsev, 46 - 5,0), Piuk is 5.5.Player of the match: Andrew Novosadov "torpedo-metallurg".Punishment: Cherkes, 17 - rough play, Garin, 19 - foul play, Bovio, 35 - foul play, kamoltsev, 67 - hand play, Ayupov, 69 rough game, Gordeuk, 75 rough game, Korytko, 88 - foul play - warnings.Referees: S. Sukhina (Malahovka), V. Lebedev (St. Petersburg), I. Janitors (Zhukovsky).The inspector V. Marusin (Moscow).4 may. Moscow. The stadium "torpedo" name Streltsov. 3000 spectators. The price of tickets 50-200 rubles. Rain. 12 degrees. Play time: 95.00 (1st half: 47.00 2nd half: 48.00).Shots on goal: 10-8, of them on target: 7-5, out of the box: 4-5, for free: 6-3, rod: 0-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 10-6, offsides: 4-2, fouls: 27-26.Match doubles: 5:1 (Ohanian, Danilin, tiputini (pen.), Slavnov, Borodkin - Chitashvili)..

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