A good chord before intermission

A good chord before intermissionIn Volgograd was the match of the championship of Russia in which local "Rotor" took "Rostov". The first quarter hour of the match was memorable, mainly because both teams most of the playing time has been devoted to the passes, mainly in the Central part of the field. Rostov players were more successful in this exercise and often controlled the ball. They managed to create the first dangerous moment at the gate of the owners. Kruscic accurate pass found of AV, but failed to tame the ball. The kick failed, and came to the rescue in time Pareiko kick knocks the ball away from the goal. With cuts in turn tried to use long-mounted transmission. But due to strong gusts of wind all these attempts were reduced to zero, and the ball was again taken possession of the opponent, and players Rotor were forced to work in the selection. Like rolling a ball around the field was beginning to cause some irritation to the audience. He heard unflattering remarks and, as it seemed, Volgograd perked up slightly, but only enough for a couple of counterattacks. By this time the opponent has already managed to create two critical points at the gate Rotor. First was marked by the rapid passage on the left flank James, hinged gear which is closed by Kanyenda. Header fell to the bottom left corner of the goal and Pareiko barely manages to clear the ball away for a corner. Moments later should shed from the opposite side in the execution of the booth, but selfless plays Skrylnikov, receiving a head injury on a couple of the same omnipresent and brisk Canenjoy. Towards the end of the first half Volgograd still managed to win the ball, but you should give credit to the Rostov - they still looked more active and sharper. Securely and confidently played defense Booth, who skillfully interrupted attempts, scoring a winner to enter the penalty area. The only thing that happened in those moments at the Rotor - shots. But neither Esipov, nor Mikhailov strong enough shots from about 20 meters failed to hit the target every time the site was Bliznyuk. At the end of time made him worry his former fans and teammates Michael aspen, whose powerful enough free kick hit the crossbar. It's possible that fussiness twice prevented the goalkeeper scoring a winner to master the ball and now the defenders of the Rotor had to take a threat from his own goal. After the break, both teams started to play more actively. Substitute Maslov and Catavento added to the severity of attacking the actions of their teams. The game was built on a collision course, but scoring chances were still absent. Volgograd were good opportunities to open the scoring. First Zubko from the advantageous position sends the ball over the crossbar. And then all the same Zubko stole the ball in midfield, followed by a passage on the right flank, followed hinged transmission Trifonov. However, instead of getting shot head flicked the ball partners, which wasn't nearby. However, after a few minutes I Trifonov will have the chance to improve. After a powerful strike Smirnova the ball from the hands of Bliznyuk bounces outside the penalty area and Trifonov brand kick (left foot without treatment) sends him into the far corner. After conceding a goal, guests have intensified. In the next five minutes "Rotor" was simply dogged efforts. Guests thrice a corner, but every time the way the ball beyond the goalkeeper grew defenders. Especially was active forward visitors Maslov, but he was not lucky. In one scene, Pareiko, trying to get ahead of the hitter, got a slight injury, which to some extent helped his team. While he provided medical assistance to the participants took advantage of the break to put their defensive ranks in order. Nevertheless, impassioned offensive outburst Rostovites to recoup not extinguished. They continue to attack with a large force. Restless Kanyenda again made the crowd of local fans when Finta got rid of two defenders and treacherously fired goalwards. Nerves were stronger Pareiko, and it confident caught the ball flying in the bottom cover them right corner of the goal. It seemed a bit more and guests pressurizes, even the score. But luck was on the side of Volgograd. The second added by arbitrator Bezubaan minute of the match "Rotor" removes all doubts about the winner. After a corner protectors, "growth" was focused Mysina, which was replaced in the final minutes of the match Zubko. This is what has allowed no one covered Catavencu calmly to play head in the penalty area and become the author of the second goal in this challenging for both teams the match. The first round is completed and Rotor Volgograd going on vacation in a good mood, ended a run of four defeats in a row. However, you should not deceive ourselves - the first match of the second round Volgograd have a difficult trip to Rostov-on-don. Although data suggests that the field of Rostov stadium was for the starter home, from surprises in the performance of "Rostov" no one is safe. Functionally and psychologically in the course of 18 days five games very difficult. The opponent I would like to highlight the entire team. The guys played very disciplined and dedicated.

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