In Russia 27 unemployed coaches

In Russia 27 unemployed coachesFamous forward torpedo" 50-60-ies and later the head coach of this team, Valentin Ivanov, who is now the head coach Board "torpedo-metallurg", believes that bringing in foreign experts to work in Russian clubs is a double - edged sword. "In our country, too many unemployed coaches. Nikita Simonyan recently compiled a list just as busy at the moment mentors, it included 27 people and it's bad, " said Ivanov. But, however, the Russian clubs need fresh blood. From this point of view, the visit to St. Petersburg, the Czech specialist Petrzela, as well as the arrival at FC torpedo-metallurg" Aleinikov, trained in the school of Italian football, is a positive fact. In other words, a definite answer cannot be given here"..

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