The beginning of the end. Manchester United, real Madrid and Juventus strengthen leadership in their respective leagues

The beginning of the end. Manchester United, real Madrid and Juventus strengthen leadership in their respective leaguesLast weekend, can play a decisive role in the fate of the three main European football Championships. "Manchester United are finally moved to "clean" the first position in England and real Madrid in Spain and Juventus in Italy, it seems, finally they became established. Never before this season, the preponderance of the trio over the rest of them didn't look so convincing.Angles the diarchy at the top of the standings of the Premier League is over: after Arsenal failed in Bolton (2:2), handicap "MU" in terms of the points earned is 5 points, lost - 2. The current "Bolton", leading a desperate struggle for the preservation of places in the Premier League with West ham United" and "Leeds", was seen as a dangerous rival. However, in any case, this result was rather unsuccessful Arsenal than the success of the team Sam Allardyce: explicitly pass in the finish the gunners have won only two of the last match of the six. A partial explanation for this can be found in the injuries and suspensions (in Bolton, for example, have not played Vieira and Campbell, and during the match the team lost the Xigang and Engberg), but last year's finishing stretch Wenger's team had similar problems, but spent it on."Manchester United looks in the Premier League almost flawlessly, not losing in this tournament with the New year, and a rare misfire allowing for other tournaments in the FA Cup (the defeat at Arsenal FC), the Worthington Cup (defeated by Liverpool and the Champions League (losses Deportivo and real Madrid). Sunday week's trip was crushed plain - dumb "Tottenham" Glen Hoddle: all the intrigue of the match has been reduced only to score van Nistelrooy in the eighth game in a row or not. Rudy had in this game half a dozen great scoring chances, but double-struck at 10 inches from the bar, and fantastic four reaction demonstrated American goalkeeper "Spurs" Casey Keller. However, having measured the seventh time, in stoppage time van Nistelrooy scored with 2:0.Ispanija and in the case of fans of Manchester United, the fans of real Madrid got on last weekend double dose of moral satisfaction. First - Sunday - they it is with great jubilation watched as ambitious and pretentious the centennial celebration of the Atletico Madrid ended zilch dull the home defeat from standing "on the fly", "Osasuna" (a year ago - on the day of his century "Royal club", as it is known, too, lost - Deportivo). And on Sunday, the "real" almost finally made their title in the current draw examples after, as he achieved a victory over Sevilla (3:1) and his pursuers "real Sociedad and Deportivo lost together. That evening suggestions about betting on the winner in this year's championship of Spain's most bookmakers have been removed: now who will dare to bet against real Madrid, whose superiority is expressed not only visual impressions, but four points of isolation from nearest competitors?Itelephone Juventus modestly (2:1 when the brace Del Piero) rolled at home Brescia, most of the work in his statement on the first line took over the Roman clubs. Roma on Saturday outplayed Milan (details in yesterday's issue of "News"), and Lazio on Sunday brought to a draw (1:1) match with inter, who in the absence of the injured Christian Vieri team absolutely meaningless. After the match, Hector Cooper actually signed the Pact of surrender ("Eight points behind Juventus is too much in order for something to count"), while in the office Massimo Moratti, they say, is preparing the signing of the Pact of his resignation. Roberto Mancini after the match inter - Lazio had not returned home to Rome, and remained in Milan, and the Italian press has no doubt: to discuss the details of your future contract with the Nerazzurri.Denis BYSTROV.

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