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Oaks and wizards. CSKA and Dinamo determined who should be the leader

Oaks and wizards. CSKA and Dinamo determined who should be the leaderSaturday calendar of the Premier League brought in face-to-face meeting between the two leaders -- CSKA Moscow and Dynamo. Team Prokopenko Gazzaev and determined which of them to stay on the first line of the table. Left CSKA. As usual, won with the score 3:2. As usual, many spoke about the scandal. As usual -- for no particular reason.For the beginning of the scandal. In the 61st minute when the score was 1:1 Semak dragged the ball to the front, hung on the line goalie, from Jarosik gently threw it into the far corner. Berezovsky darted planning for the ball and caught it, however, already at the goal line. By force of habit a professional goalkeeper of Dynamo Keeper pushed the ball back into the box and pretended that it should be so. The referee Igor Egorov though were fifteen meters away, but the goal guessed deduct, what provoked the wrath of the defenders. Of course, none of the Dynamo and agreed that the goal really happened. Of course, nobody is going to respond to it. The only sensation is that Viktor Prokopenko at the postgame press conference did not mention a word about the "disputed". The scandal was blown away, and did not reach the usual matches CSKA intensity.Let's leave the discussion about the reasons for striking regularity with which the army men caught in similar situations, to better times. Saturday's match has given you a lot of food for thought. For example, the transfer policy of head coach. Three goals from what happened five brought in the gate of his new acquisitions. On Tochilin found unexplained Eclipse (not counting the banal explanation inability to handle the ball -- but the player of the national team free from such accusations?), and he passed the ball in his own penalty area exactly on the leg Gogniev. 1:0, leads CSKA. Amazing Berezutsky brothers and joined them Shershun in response demonstrated the wonders of hospitality, allowing Bulykin to shoot its gates without resistance -- 1:1. The same characters allowed Chesnauskis 80 minutes safely take the ball and beat almost to the goal line, putting the victory of CSKA under question for another ten minutes. What this "reserve team" when against him will come out stronger forwards Gogniev, Bulykin and Chesnauskisa, -- scary thought.Although, of course, nothing unexpected in these failures no. On Saturday the Dynamo played the team, obviously, other clever pulled "physics" in the offseason. Two teams experiencing a common love of running in a straight line from one gate to another, the two teams playing toe-to-toe, head-on and counting on the fact that the strength of the straw ache, the speed of the city is taken, the judge is not removed, and the coach will not eat. On one Karamana are three Tochilin, one Jarosik -- two Berezutsky. Saturday CSKA in the composition turned out to be more if not Rosikov, Cognevich, hence the victory.While replacing the chilled coach Gazzaev CSKA Alexander Kuznetsov after the game talked about the pleasure that should have received the participants of the game. Probably should. Participants of the race on tractors also love their job.Denis BYSTROV.

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