Gazzaev is starting to get used to the score 2-2

Gazzaev is starting to get used to the score 2-2In Elista was held on the main sensation of the 13th round of the championship of Russia on football. CSKA Moscow failed to win in the capital of Kalmykia the local Uralan". Before the match, the teams took a diametrically opposite position in the standings. If CSKA was the clear leader, the team of Igor Shalimov was only on the last place. Therefore, there is little doubt that CSKA will win an easy victory. Apparently, some disregard for the opponent played with CSKA players cruel joke. And really after is injured in the first minutes of Agresija, on the left Filimonov, many people had an opinion that Muscovites will win. As a result, in the first half the army acted rather lazily. They moved slowly and tried to create a risk at the gate Filimonov through long-distance transmission on their attacker Popov. However, Denis could not catch the ball. Moreover confident enough at the outputs played Filimonov, and the defenders acted selflessly. The first really dangerous moment was only established in the 38th minute. Semak on the right wing used a coarse defender's mistake, entered the penalty area and gave a pass to free Jarosik. But after hitting the ball last knocked out of the gate defender owners. On 44 minutes, Semak found a pass in the penalty Popova, but to break Denis prevented in time left Filimonov. The second half was very fun. Already in the 47th minute, the hosts, who for the first half of the match did not think of anything interesting at the gate a young guest book, opened the scoring. No one ward Kolodin beautiful kick from 20 yards forced to setrepeats the net CSKA 1-0. However, the team took only a minute to recoup. Starting with the center of the field, Muscovites quickly moved the game to the gate of the owners. Jarosik shot from outside the penalty area and the ball from the hands Filimonov flew into the gate - 1-1. After 2 minutes Popov could put CSKA ahead, but with two meters struck his head in Filimonov. And 5 minutes later was able to score the hosts, but the footballer Uralan" from the center of the penalty area hit the net. Although CSKA and possessed the ball more, but the special hazards at the gate Elista team was not created. Gazzaev is released Popov Kirichenko, but the last real game is not reinforced. In the 79th minute, who attacks the army missed the attack on the owners. Adzhindzhal gorgeous pass from midfield gave the ball to the right flank Tsiklauri. Last managed to beat Shershun, entered the penalty area and an unstoppable shot - 2-1. Players Kalmyk club were so glad that the judge had to encourage them to continue playing. CSKA has increased the pressure on the gates tired of alistina and eventually succeeded. In the 87th minute after a pass Gusev's free-kick Semak jumped up and levelled the score is 2-2. In another minute Jarosik hit in the near corner from close range, but hit the goalkeeper. In the end the game ended in a draw. Interestingly, Gazzaev as head coach of the club and the national team for the third match in a row tied with the same score. Kolodin, 47, Tsiklauri, 79 - Jarosik, 48, 88 Dal Canto 31, Kolodin 61, side 85, Semochko 90 - Popov 17, Solomatin 51, A. Berezutski 71 18 June. Elista. The stadium Uralan Agresija (Filimonov, 3), Tsallagov, Gerashchenko (Lopez 55), Dal Canto, Kuzmin, Kolodin, Semochko, Adzhindzhal (Gapon 80), Tsiklauri, side CSKA: Akinfeev, šemberas, Shershun, A. Berezutski. Salomatin, Evsikov (Laizāns 74), Rahimić, Jarosik, Gusev, Popov (Kirichenko 67), Semak Judge: S. Fursa (St. Petersburg).

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