Henri believes that Arsenal made a gift to man UTD

Henri believes that Arsenal made a gift to man UTDStriker, Arsenal's Thierry Henry has admitted that Manchester United is now the main contender for the title. "If they win the next two matches, they are likely to win first place," bitterly admitted the Frenchman. "In fact, we give them the title. In recent months, our team just forgot how to hold a lead. In the game against Aston Villa" we just didn't know what to do when it came forward. Well, the match at Bolton, when we conceded two goals in 10 minutes is a clear indicator of how "Arsenal" now playing".. Читать полностью -->

Manchester wants Salas

Manchester wants Salas"Manchester United" intends to purchase a striker Turin "Juventus" Marcelo Salas. According to Italian press reports, Manchester United are willing to offer to the leadership of the Italian club the amount they are willing to spend on a striker - ВЈ 5 million. It is enough, especially when you consider that over the past two years the Chilean spent not so many matches, giving participants the ligaments Del Piero - Trezeguet. In addition, he is currently injured and is at home where he will be the one to do.Earlier it was reported that he wants to return to his former club - "river plate". And in winter press quoting viewpoint of the player, according to which Salas would like to get into the Premier League, specifically in "MU".. . Читать полностью -->

The jancker returned to Germany

The jancker returned to GermanyJust a year lasted Italian stage career of the famous German striker Carsten Anker. After playing one season at Udinese, multiple champion of Germany returns home.28-year-old jancker will become the first rookie of Bayer Leverkusen, with difficulty kept a residence in the first Bundesliga. Coach "aspirin" Klaus Augenthaler believes that the line of attack team needs strengthening, and experienced striker as jancker, can enhance the game of Bayer in the attack. Moreover, Bayer can leave immediately three forward. Ulf Kirsten will finish his career, and Olivier Neuville and Thomas Brdaric have great deals respectively from "Hertha" and VfL Borussia mГ¶nchengladbach.. . Читать полностью -->

CHE. Albania - Russia: match stats

CHE. Albania - Russia: match statsAlbania - Russia 3:1 Goal: Rakli, 21; Lala, 79; Tara, 82 - Karyaka, nerealizovannyi penalty: duro, 18 (goalkeeper).Albania: Strakosha, Aliai, Bakiri, Chipi, Hashi, Scala (Dede, 83), Lala, duro, muratie (Bella, 67), Rakli (Murty, 70), Terrasse: Ovchinnikov, Nizhegorodov, Ignashevich, Berezutski, Loskov, Smertin (Yanovsky, 72), Semak, Aldonin, Gusev (Beschastnykh, 53), Tochilin (Karyaka, 46), Kerzhakov Warning: Nizhegorodov, budha: Ollar (Belgium)Shkoder. "The Loro Borici"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Nakata played last game for Parma

Nakata played last game for ParmaIt's possible that the Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata has already played his last match for Italian Parma FC in a friendly match against "all right, PA, Osaka", which ended with the score 2-2. After the fight Nakata said that he does not know exactly where he will play next season. However, good deals they already have. For information on soccerage player of Japan's national team claiming "Chelsea", "Arsenal" and "Manchester United".. . . Читать полностью -->

CHE. Before death will not die

CHE. Before death will not dieAnd all the same sooner we ordered a funeral March. Let the musicians for the time being rest. I understand that a positive in this situation (and believe me, that to be in there, and look in "box" - it's not quite the same) to find not very easy, but still try.March 29, ' 97 our team played with Cyprus - if you remember, 1:1. And then just at Ignatieff, Boris Petrovich, was born that phrase, which many immediately and realized. She sounded - literally - so: 'who cares, who will coach this team! Still no one will make her a world champion!'March 29, exactly six years, on the bus, galloping after the game on the washboard is any relatively flat, as in some places it is accepted, the road, these words I Petrovic recalled. Читать полностью -->

Vasily Utkin. What the hell?..

Vasily Utkin. What the hell?..They are reversed. Before the army, not really hoping to smooth the passage of the season, was prepared separately for the match against "Spartak" and it showed: just kidding, Ivan Tsarevich, I something else is amiss. It's red and white used to come to the game with CSKA - whenever it occurred, whether hot summer, wet or fall in the rank of a sort of natural monopoly for the title. Since then much has changed, but really nothing. Just a dream come true the old commentator Pretoria, for example, the dullness of our championship is proposing to change the team t-shirts. Читать полностью -->

Onopko: Russian judges Spanish better

Onopko: Russian judges Spanish betterThe defender of Russia Viktor Onopko stated that he believes that "domestic arbitrators better than their Spanish counterparts."The only thing I don't like outright bias of the referee. In other words, these are the matches in which the meeting is being addressed by the judges. It is foolish to say that in our football they don't exist and never existed. And it is a huge disadvantage: the Main difference between Russian and Spanish judges? Our follow the rules, the Spanish - emotions. They live game. Referee - it really is the twenty-fourth, after the players and spectators, the player in the match. Читать полностью -->

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