Goal by Adrian deprives Milan chance for the scudetto

Goal by Adrian deprives Milan chance for the scudettoThe match at the Ennio Tardini expected with impatience, and not just because it was a meeting of the leading group of five. Ended earlier match Juventus - Torino left so unsightly impression that everyone wanted to see a good football match between the two leaders.In General the expectations of fans and experts were justified. The game was conducted in a two-handed attacks. In the first half, the ball almost did not stay in the center of the field.Active was Andriy Shevchenko, who was kept in suspense for defencists "Parma". The owners also do not sit in the defense; command and then changed the direction of their attacks, often resorted to long shots. But until then the defenders defeated the attackers. Читать полностью -->

Wenger is preparing for the summer transfer period

Wenger is preparing for the summer transfer periodIn the summer Arsenal expect hard times. We have previously reported that the club has cut the amount to be spent on acquiring new players. In addition, the functionaries of the "gunners" have to agree on increasing the salaries of the top players in the club's Robert Pires and Patrick Vieira.Despite the financial losses that the club suffered this season, coach Arsene Wenger said that the money for the purchase of new stars will be highlighted, and he will spend it usefully. Starting in November, Arsenal suffered losses estimated at $ 15.2 million, in addition, the club took a Bank loan of 28.3 million pounds. All this can not upset the French specialist, who, however, believes in a bright future of his team.Wenger is reason to be optimistic. He never spent huge sums on the purchase of players, focusing point selection, but all the players are necessarily brought considerable benefit to the club. Читать полностью -->

In Ukraine, the names of players that will translate into their native language

In Ukraine, the names of players that will translate into their native languageAt the working meeting of PFL Council of Ukraine introduced changes to the regulations coming into force of the new season. The League is allowed to include in the application for participation in the championship is not more than 30 players. Each player must have a permanent number and last name on the back should be written in Ukrainian. Starting with 1/4 Cup final opponents will determine not already rating, as before, a "blind" draw. With the new season fee of judges and inspectors increased almost threefold: for the maintenance of the highest League match referee will receive $ 1,200, side judge - $ 600. . Читать полностью -->

The English Premier League. Arsenal loses points

The English Premier League. Arsenal loses points0:1 Wiltord, 48; 0:2 Pires, 56; 1:2 Djorkaeff, 74; 2:2 KION, 84 alcohol:00 Birmingham - Middlesbrough 18:00 West Brom - Liverpool 18:00 Leeds - Blackburn 18:00 Sunderland - Newcastle 18:00 Charlton athletic - Southampton 18:00 Chelsea - Fulham 18:00 Everton - Aston Villa. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Real Sociedad leader again

The Championship Of Spain. Real Sociedad leader again0:1 Yeste, 19; 1:1 Magno, 27; 2:1 Astudillo, 28; 2:2 Urzaiz,E 57; 2:3 Echebarria, 75; 2:4 Echebarria, 87 1:0 Sales, 13; 1:1 Roger, 16 1:0 GuairГЎ, 48; 2:0 Fernandez, 53; 3:0 Palermo, 61; 4:0 Fernandez, 63; 5:0 GuairГЎ, 89 1:0 Casquero, 44; 2:0 Reyes, 48; 2:1 Cembranos, 62 pen.; 3:1 Reyes, 78 pen.; 3:2 Michel, 84; 3:3 Paragon, 86 1:0 Kahveci, 821:30 Real - Malaga:00 Osasuna - Betis:00 Barcelona - Mallorca. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Five thousand for justice

Five thousand for justiceYou have not watched the case on the days of Russian football? That's right - you're not a member(s) of the control and disciplinary Commission of the Russian football Union. Those, however, matches also look whole, but choosing only peak moments.This week apart from the competition was a penalty behalf of Valentin Ivanov in the match CSKA - 'Spartacus'. Not just scrolling through this episode in the record, expert, expert Commission by five votes to two, decided: penalty-it was not! And is disqualified Ivanov for the next two games, at the same time fined 50% of the royalties owed to him for that game. Why only half, if the error is recognized resultativity? It is evident, from the fact that in the second writing contested red-white point - a collision in the army now free Titova with the Right guidance was still left to the referee: the right seascouts the ball bore. So, it turns out, half Ivanov sued right, and that's money in the same proportion will receive. As wonderful in the film 'the Goalkeeper', when the barometer weather station worked half correct: when the rain came down, he about and testified, but when the sun was shining, it is all one stubbornly insisted on rain.Along the way, was acquitted by the judge Sukhina is already Dynamo was the complaint, a penalty of another first round, in which the gate Berezovsky was beaten even in Vladikavkaz. Читать полностью -->

Dmitri Kirichenko: Knew we would be leaders

Dmitri Kirichenko: Knew we would be leadersAnother year and a half ago Dmitry Kirichenko was the idol of the Rostov fans, the main star of the team from the banks of the don. Today he can take the field against his former club - t-shirt CSKA, for the first time about a striker last season. Let me remind you that the season brought Dmitry, the title of one of the best scorers in the Russian championship.- How did moving to the bustling Moscow after "quiet flows the don"?- Normally without any problems. Of course, Moscow has its disadvantages - still the city is too big, but the benefits in the capital much more. And most importantly - feel the team is very good. Nostalgia for Rostov no? Sometimes, I will not hide. Читать полностью -->

Dynamo was put on the transfer the whole football team

Dynamo was put on the transfer the whole football teamYesterday Dynamo put on the transfer 11 players: defenders of Brabec, Hiski, Gustavo, Sviderskaya, Kazlauskas, Novikov and Midfielders Halacheva, Yashin, Lutsenko, dyomkina and Durica. These players, not getting in the first team forced to play for the reserve team, where they take the place of young players, last year won the doubles championship.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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