Irureta remains in Deportivo

Irureta remains in DeportivoThis week it is expected that the management of "Deportivo", which ended in the Spanish championship third place and secured a place in the Champions League, will sign a new contract with the instructor of the club Javier Irureta. "The new contract is close to signing," said club President Augusto Lendoiro. "We did the mentor proposal, and I hope that Miguel Santos, agent Irureta, soon reported to us by the consent of the coach."". . . . Читать полностью -->

Bayern will be a personal contract to broadcast

Bayern will be a personal contract to broadcastNext year, Bayern are going on their own to conclude treaties on the rights of broadcast. Thus the conflict of the club in Munich with the German football authorities, which began with the discovery of the secret Treaty of the club with KirchMedia, it seems, will continue."The validity of the General Treaty for broadcasting expires at the end of 2004, " said club Director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in an interview with the newspaper Bild am Sonntag. - Then Bayern will try to make an individual agreement".The total contract teams of the Bundesliga on TV broadcasting rights provides each club with a steady income. Bayern announced that it is no longer going to do business together with the German football League.. . . Читать полностью -->

Javier Portillo: If we go to Manchester, we are in the final

Javier Portillo: If we go to Manchester, we are in the finalAfter the young striker of real Madrid, Javier Portillo played for the youth national team of Spain against the Armenian national team, he returned to the disposal of the "Royal club" and is ready to help his team in the match of the next round of the championship of Spain against Rayo Vallecano. In addition, thinking of the quarterfinal matches of the Champions League his team with Manchester United."All the players of our team focused on the match against Rayo. Well, after we will prepare for the meeting with Manchester United," says Javier.Javier attaches great importance to in the first match, which will be held in Madrid, to keep their clean sheet."It is very important to achieve an adequate result in the home match. This means that we must at all costs keep his goal intact. If we pass the "Manchester", we are in the final," said the striker.. . Читать полностью -->

Lippi: from the beginning, everything went wrong

Lippi: from the beginning, everything went wrong'Everything that could go wrong went wrong'. Commented on the progress of the Champions League final coach 'Juventus' Marcello Lippi.The coach said that some players had asked him not to appoint them on the break of the shootout. The reason is the complete lack of power after 120 minutes of play. 'Not that they refused to take the penalty. Just the players sensed a failure, " said Lippi. - Players can sense these things. Читать полностью -->

Shalimov: first exam to the Professor Romantsev

Shalimov: first exam to the Professor RomantsevToday in the match Uralan - Spartak Oleg Romantsev will first meet with his former player - and, perhaps, the chief critic"in my memory there were only two unique player, which is easy to operate by any coach. It Rodionov and Shalimov. In Igor's all cut so that not to like. His winning smile, kindness and openness of character, sense of humor can disarm even the most evil and gloomy man".Is it possible to believe that Oleg Romantsev would say such a thing about Igor Shalimov? Talked. In the fall of ' 92. Three years later, after the coach-debutant (was so, imagine, and Romantsev) along with 20-year-old midfielder took the allied gold. Читать полностью -->

Chernomorets ? Spartak-Alania. Before the match

Chernomorets ? Spartak-Alania. Before the matchA week and a half ago, "Chernomorets" and "Spartak-Alania" already met each other in the Cup match of the Premier League. Coach Vladikavkaz team Revaz dzodzuashvili dejected after the game didn't look.? We were given the opportunity to Express themselves to a number of players from the nearest pool ? explained dzodzuashvili. ? The task is sure to win the Cup in front of us is not worth it. Match this was useful because we had a kind of intelligence to calendar a meeting with FC Chornomorets Odesa in the championship.It seems that the coach of "Chernomoretz" Igor Gamula this match was in order to "feel" the opponent. Although in the absence of Mr mikholap and Ashvetia it was difficult to determine the true strength of the Vladikavkaz team.Chornomorets until one of the most reliable in the League line of defense ? more than one goal per match, Novorossiysk has not yet conceded. Читать полностью -->

Judiciary Committee praised the work of Ivanov at the Confederations Cup

Judiciary Committee praised the work of Ivanov at the Confederations CupA few days ago the Russian referee Valentin Ivanov judged the final of the Confederations Cup in France. In an interview to Sport-Express "Ivanov said that his work was appreciated. "I was congratulated by the people from the judiciary Committee and present colleagues," - said Ivanov.To the question, why is it in Europe is valued more than in Russia, the referee said, "I would Not like to comment on that. Generally, you just have to go to the match and judge, by doing our job well. Then everything will be fine".. . Читать полностью -->

Andriy Shevchenko: We have two hot months, we must prepare for them

Andriy Shevchenko: We have two hot months, we must prepare for themThe victory over Juventus: "the Team has demonstrated a compelling game. Offensively, we played very well and helped each other in attack and defense. I like to play with a bunch of forwards, because then I have a lot of freedom, and I can start the attack from the depth of field". About the partnership with Inzaghi: "Pippo and I have already demonstrated that they can play together. Victory over Juventus was a turning point for Milan and for me. Now I want to contribute to the common cause of the team and forget about the injuries that had plagued me in this season." About his contract and the possibility of extending it: "I think it's better to talk about such things at the end of the season. Читать полностью -->

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