Real Sociedad - real Madrid: match review

Real Sociedad - real Madrid: match reviewWhoever says that real Madrid home and away is a two very different, very close to the truth. It's not a secret that the "Royal club" in away matches feels not very comfortable, especially if he plays hard and with great dedication.So it happened this time, on a beautiful anoeta stadium, where the local "real Sociedad was very resolute. Wards of Denoix from the leader was behind by 6 points and if they win the League rivalry is exacerbated, as in Saturday's victory was achieved by RC Deportivo.Immediately from the starting whistle, the home side began to apply active pressure all over the field. The same "real" wanted paulinava and easy to control the ball. But there it was. In the third minute the hosts on the left flank was right on out. Читать полностью -->

Seedorf: Toshack has won a lot of money on the transfer of players

Seedorf: Toshack has won a lot of money on the transfer of playersThe Dutch player Clarence Seedorf and Welsh coach John Benjamin Toshack in his "Madrid" when he was never been in a perfect relationship. Now and again, Seedorf have a claim to his former coach. In his biographical book, which was published this Sunday in Holland, midfielder again criticized John Toshack, no less accusing him of usurping the club money.In his book Clarence Seedorf writes: "Toshack has won a lot of money on the transfer of players: it is a fact. He got a lot of money from transfers Geremi and Balich". Further, the Dutchman wrote: "This information from a very informed source. He is my friend and very famous football player whose name I can't reveal. Читать полностью -->

Moratti's comforting to Batistuta and presents the medal Vieri

Moratti's comforting to Batistuta and presents the medal VieriThe President of inter Massimo Moratti very calmly reacted to the President's words "Roma" Franco Sensi, concerning the former striker of the club of Rome Argentine Gabriel Batistuta, currently playing for inter. Sensi in particular noted that Batistuta for some time is not at the proper level, and selling a player to inter was a simple setup for the Romans. Moratti, in turn, said:"It is already in the habit of "Roma". I remember they did the same with Christian Zanetti. Nothing serious, just that their style of behavior."Moratti also hastened to comfort Batistuta about this: "I Hope he won't take it to heart. I think Sensi didn't want to offend him. Читать полностью -->

The Kezman interested in leading Italian clubs

The Kezman interested in leading Italian clubsPSV striker Mateja Kezman admitted that they are interested in the recent participants of the Champions League final AC Milan and Juventus. In an interview Voetball International striker national team Serbia Montenegro stated:" Several coaches want to see me in their teams. If a big club will make a good offer "PSV", "I'll go".Among the teams that have already showed interest in him, Kezman also called Barcelona and Valencia.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Saturn Ren-TV - Krylia Sovetov: after the match

Saturn Ren-TV - Krylia Sovetov: after the matchAccording to the tradition in Ramenskoye guests are not shining three points, because Russian history samarians away three times lost time and reduced the match to a draw. The pattern was confirmed, and the cuts were much closer to defeat than to a draw, but in stoppage time, Patrick Ovie tapped in at the far post to head a canopy partner. And the account was opened in the 60th minute, when substitute in 7 minutes before the Argentine striker Nicolas Pavlovich, headbutt embodied the goal aimed horseback transfer of Muratovich.Despite the fact that the chances to score the samarians opponent is capped, overall, the game looked equal. Naturally, a mentor, "Wings of the Soviets" Alexander Tarkhanov after the meeting was elated: "the Game was good and high quality, even in the second half, the opponents to maintain high speeds. Of course, my team I am not happy, because we lost some valuable points. Three one-on-one Nemov are worth. Читать полностью -->

Fans still be allowed at the match Russia-Georgia

Fans still be allowed at the match Russia-GeorgiaUEFA allowed the audience to attend the qualifying match of Euro 2004 qualifier between Georgia and Russia, which will be held in Tbilisi Lokomotiv stadium on April 30. However, in a statement, UEFA said that the stands may be admitted only those fans who have tickets for the match between these two teams on October 12 last year, retired due to power lighting.As it became known ITAR-TASS informed sources, in the positive appeal of the football Federation of Georgia on the decision of the FTC UEFA to hold a replay with the doors closed, a significant role was played by the RFU.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Stam wants to play for Lazio

Stam wants to play for LazioAccording to the agent defender Italian football club Lazio him over Tom van Dalen, football player unhappy about a contract with the capital team and leave "sky blue" as soon as this becomes possible: "Stam doesn't want to play for Lazio and will not negotiate a new contract with the club of Rome," said the agent.Van Dalen also noted that the former football player Manchester United are not going to return to the English Premier League: "My mentee believes that if he played for the red devils, he cannot play for any other English club", said the agent of the player.To date, the defender of the national team of Holland are interested leaders of the Italian championship inter, Juventus and AC Milan.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Chile national team for a friendly match against Costa Rica

The Chile national team for a friendly match against Costa RicaGoalkeepers: johnny Herrera (Universidad de Chile), nicolГЎs Peric (Rangers), Alex Varas (Wanderers)Defenders: Jorge Vargas (Regina, Italy), Christian Alvarez (Universidad Catholic), Ricardo Rojas (America), Waldo Ponce, Rafael Olarra (both from Universidad de Chile), Rodrigo Perez, Boris Gonzalez (both Cobreloa), Pablo Contreras (sporting Portugal)Midfielders: Clarence acuГ±a (Newcastle, England), Rodrigo Tello (sporting Portugal), Milovan Mirosevic (racing, Argentina), Rodrigo Melendez (Cobreloa), Jorge acuГ±a (Feyenoord, Netherlands), Rodrigo Mylar (Huachipato), Nicolas Cordova (Bari, Italy)forwards: Mauricio Pinilla (Universidad de Chile), Reinaldo Navia (Morelia), Joel Soto (Wanderers), Sebastian Gonzalez (Atlanta), Fernando Martel (Cobreloa), Alejandro Carrasco (Audax Italian). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

UEFA voted for the rule silver Gol

UEFA voted for the rule silver GolThe rule of "silver goal" will be used in all club competitions, conducted under the auspices of UEFA ball, according to the official website of this organization. However, with one caveat - apply it will be only in dual games.The rule of "silver goal" is as follows: in the event of a tie in regulation time teams play two additional periods of 15 minutes each. If an opponent puts the ball, the game continues until the end of the half, during which time were amazed at the gate. This rule was used in the recent finals of the UEFA Cup and Champions League. The experiment was declared successful and "carbary goal" will be used also in the Intertoto Cup, starting with the 1st round.. . Читать полностью -->

The Botafogo player died after a workout

The Botafogo player died after a workoutPlayer 'Botafogo' Maximiliano Patrick Ferreira, better known as Max, died after a workout.As stated in the club's third division Brazil, 20-year-old felt ill during a training session on Wednesday. He was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save the player. According to Reuters, during the lesson, Max complained to the coach on the dizzy, then fell on the field. The team doctor Alexander VEGA stated that the player was not up to this point to health problems. 'He's always had excellent performance in various tests, said VEGA. No diabetes, no high cholesterol, no nothing'. Читать полностью -->

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