Bulykin: Gazzaev I haven't called

Bulykin: Gazzaev I haven't calledThe head coach of Zenit St. Petersburg Czech Vlastimil Petrzela after the match with Dynamo noticed that the score - 1:7 - his teams are not used to losing. In his turn, Viktor Prokopenko noted that this was the best match of Dynamo during the period that he heads. Mini-interviews with participants of the match can be found in today's "MK".. . . Читать полностью -->

Yuri Gavrilov: Guilty Chervichenko

Yuri Gavrilov: Guilty ChervichenkoFor the course of the broadcast of the match "Spartak" - "Saturn" on the TV channel "Sport" was following along with the commentators channel former Spartacist Yuri Gavrilov, who stated that he sees no fault of Oleg Romantsev in particular failure in the club's transfer policy."Actually I'm not at liberty to discuss this issue diplomatically said Mr. Gavrilov. But I can say one thing: who owns the money, he must determine the transfer policy of the club. So I don't see guilt Romantsev, he's the head coach and not the owner of the club. Moreover, I don't see it on any other office in the club, but as the head coach. But now it is impossible, at least in Spartacus, I am sure that his place in football, he will find". Читать полностью -->

A variety of news. Ukraine - Spain

A variety of news. Ukraine - SpainStrange news came from Kiev, where the national team of Ukraine held its first of two major matches in the qualifiers, played a draw with group favourites 6 - Spaniards. The news first - team Leonid Buryak much more similar to the middle Eastern "qualifying" a world or continental championship than a team Lobanovsky 2001-2002. The second news is the Leonid Buryak on the coach this not like qualifying: Iordanescu (not yesterday's sample, of course), Blazevic, katanec and their ilk in a potential competitors are not suitable.The history of the national team of Ukraine for the last five years - the history of transformations. Five years ago this team was a great coach and the unknown potential of youth. Four years ago, she seemed to already pavГ diamonds in the rough that lovingly busy jeweler Lobanovsky. Читать полностью -->

Torpedo - Chernomorets: after the match

Torpedo - Chernomorets: after the matchThe acting head coach of FC Chornomorets Igor Gamula after the meeting with torpedo stated that the game was divided into two different halves: the First was equal, and in the second torpedo were completely outplayed us. The first 15-20 minutes of the second half of the meeting was key. It is good that we have not missed more than one goal. I thank the guys for the achievement of a satisfactory result, considering that earlier because of injuries fell presecco and majors. What are my chances of getting an appointment on the post of chief coach of the team I don't know. It is the responsibility of the management of "Chernomorets".Mentor "torpedo" Sergey Petrenko described the result of the match with the Novorossiysk club as inexplicable: "I do Not understand how it was possible not to implement as many scoring chances, but overall the team, except the line of attack, I was satisfied. Читать полностью -->

Vicente Del Bosque: Lost real and not Hierro

Vicente Del Bosque: Lost real and not HierroMany will say that the "real" failed because all thoughts of the players were already busy upcoming game with Juventus in the Champions League. This is a profound mistake. Almost the entire season, we go out on the field twice a week, the players understand what is required of them working at peak efficiency in all competitions.The outcome of the match against Mallorca" we had to solve in the first half, when the score would be 2:0 or 3:0. But the beginning of the second half of the match was just awful. After the equaliser went outdoor soccer, which succeeded guests. As a result they managed to take the game under control and to achieve a major victory.The whistling of the audience, of course, can be understood. Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo is not happy with the victory

Ronaldo is not happy with the victoryAfter winning the Spanish League leaders and players of real Madrid to participate in a variety of festive ceremonies in the capital. But in the midst of celebrating players was not seen one of the main architects of the victory - the Brazilian Ronaldo. Defender of the "Royal" club Roberto Carlos had to apologize for his comrade, who scored the day before two of the three goals of his team: "Ronaldo has the flu-" moreover, the striker after winning the League title compared the season, held at Madrid, his first season in Spain, in the "Barcelona": "When I played for Barca, the season turned out to be more spectacular, but now I am more Mature football player."Also in festive ceremonies did not participate Steve McManaman.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Announcement of the dates for the championship, the Italian Cup 2003-04

Announcement of the dates for the championship, the Italian Cup 2003-04The next season of Serie a will begin on 31 August 2003, and will end on 6 may 2004. The series starts In 30 August 2003, finishing on 5 June 2004. So I decided today, the leadership of the Italian League. As for the Coppa Italia first round will be held on August 17. The final is scheduled for March 17 and may 12, 2004. The Italian super Cup between the Champion and winner of the Italian Cup will be played on 24 August 2003.. Читать полностью -->

Italian TV mocked Nedved

Italian TV mocked NedvedItalian TV mocking the player of FC Juventus (Turin) Pavel Nedved. Czech footballer earned completely unnecessary yellow card in the semi-finals of the Champions League against real Madrid and thus lost the chance to play in the final match. He handed him the statuette "Golden tapir", which is usually presented to people who were stupid enough to leave themselves out in the cold. Nedved said that will give the statuette to his children, according to soccerage.. . . Читать полностью -->

The boss charges against

The boss charges againstGoalkeeper Sergei Ovchinnikov, the most experienced player in the team who played in Albania, despite the reflected them a penalty, could not change the course of the match, and the hosts won by no means laborious victory. We talked with our national team goalkeeper after her return to Moscow.? For you was a revelation that the nature of the game the team was in Shkodra not the one it showed in the second half of last year?? This match personally, I did not expect. Another thing is that, in my opinion, the point here is not in the spirit of our team. Well, not updated team spent a few games in good tone, suddenly suddenly to lose all emotions, to lose strength of character. Give my opinion: our game is "broken" after the penalty shot, even though I was able to reflect. But then the moments began to appear one after the other.? Many experts were alarmed by the fact that you played against Albanians, knowing about his disqualification in the Premier League.? Your psychological state in the match against Albanians I felt in control. Читать полностью -->

Eleven-metrovia. In the match almost all stars won Zidane, Raul and Figo

Eleven-metrovia. In the match almost all stars won Zidane, Raul and FigoReal Madrid Vs Manchester United - 3:1. Through the game, the game is on the poster: the match lived up to expectations, returned advances with generous interest was awakened by the highest sense, demonstrating a mere 90 minutes of football fun. Shots on goal were more than fouls (19:13 and 11:19, respectively); more creativity than work; pure delight interjections more refinement than relying in the days of the great victories of compliments. No, I remember you "blind", without turning the head ("I can't see you, but I feel that you're there") pass Zidane Figo on and irresistible (as in the aesthetic sense, and in the goalkeeper) slice backhand in the top corner? E-me!The first match of the brand in Europe a couple of teams in which the attestation feature "rising star", "rising star" or "mater" is almost against each name, turned so that the stars of "real" made the audience almost to squint from his radiance and zater Manchester somewhere in the depth of the scenes. The combination of captivating beauty with efficiency in Madrid the game a triple (Zidane - 2 transmission, Raul - 2 goals, Figo, once both) caused envy color relovsky shirts. Читать полностью -->

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