Torpedo-Metallurg - Dynamo. Before the match

Torpedo-Metallurg - Dynamo. Before the matchFor the leader of torpedo-metallurg" Sergei Shoustikov this season began with the handing him the captain's armband. Thus, the head coach Sergey Aleynikov made it clear that even in the light of staff changes and create essentially a new team the authority of the veteran remains unshakable.? It is important for me not so much my captaincy, how much mutual trust of the coaches and the guys ? says shoustikov. - We don't have a strict vertical - Sergey on many issues, consults with the players. For example, in the team formed a Council, which in addition includes me Novosadov, Khlestov, Cossacks, Karnaukhov and Kovalev - from young.? What are you talking about?? All the pressing issues. Why goals are hard, for example. Читать полностью -->

The Portuguese League. Byshovets won again

The Portuguese League. Byshovets won againSuccessfully continues to work as the new head coach of the Portuguese club Maritimo" Russian Anatoly Byshovets. The second match in a row his team wins.This time the wards of St. Petersburg, visiting overcame one of the outsiders for the championship of Portugal - "Academician". After this victory, "cs" shares with "Belenenses" 7-8 places, as both teams scored 34 points.. . Читать полностью -->

Niemi doesn't want to be a red devil

Niemi doesn't want to be a red devilThe goalkeeper of the national team of Finland and "Southampton" Antti Niemi was surprised to learn that Alex Ferguson wants to see him in the gate, "Manchester United". However, Niemi has been out now a knee injury, do not wish to become the "red devil"."Why would I "Manchester United", I am well and with Southampton FC. I am currently thinking about how to recover to the final match of the FA Cup, and not about the new club. In addition, I was not tempted by the prospect of working together with sir Alex Ferguson, a man of unpredictable and powerful. Therefore, I did not promise in Manchester, I would say no," he reassured fans "saints" Antti Niemi.. . Читать полностью -->

De Bilde goes into ARIS

De Bilde goes into ARISGreek club ARIS" almost solved all questions regarding the transfer from Anderlecht midfielder Gilles De Bilde."The signing of the contract is a matter of time, it can happen in the next few days," commented a spokesman for the club.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pietro overlord: Tail misled arbitrator

Pietro overlord: Tail misled arbitratorThe goal of Hernan Crespo scored in the third minute of added time left to inter some chances to compete with Juventus for the scudetto. This victory blue black celebrated as if it was about the title. For Crespo it was the first out on the field in the championship match after January 12, when he was injured in a duel with the "Modena".The match was full of rudeness, and the tone here asked Christian Vieri, something taken a dislike to the Brazilian Bilik from Brescia. First best scorer of the championship intentionally hit him with his elbow, and then decided to be sure to butt the opponent. Bylica responded, resulting in a red card the referee Farina showed both. Stayed Vieri on the field only 18 minutes (it was released only in the second half instead of Batistuta). Читать полностью -->

Nigmatullin and Salernitana secured a departure from the series In

Nigmatullin and Salernitana secured a departure from the series InItalian Salernitana" advocated by the Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin and secured their relegation from division B. In the match 33 tour "Salernitana" was defeated with the score 1:2 Cagliari and firmly entrenched in last place in the standings with 33 games to 21 points). The new season in the Italian championship "Salernitana" will start in the series C. as for the match against Cagliari, Nigmatullin appeared in the starting lineup. However, to save his team from defeat it and failed.. . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus - Krylia Sovetov: match stats

Spartacus - Krylia Sovetov: match statsSpartak - Zenit 1:1 goals: rams, 64 - Karyaka, Spartak:Bugs (Zuev, 52), Kovtun, And Pinheiro, Vashchuk, Pavlenko (Kebe, 83), Smirnov, sheep, Titov, Pavlyuchenko, Robert (daniszewski, 46) Krylya Sovetov:Chichkin, dehaan, Ovie, Lilo, med (Wright, 16), Tikhonov, Karyaka, beaver (Nemov, 72), de Souza, Kovba, Houseprogressive: Kovtun, 36; Vashchuk, 67 Gaucho, 24; de Souza, 90 Sudha: Sukhina (Malakhovka, Moscow, Russia). "Torpedo".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak - Zenit: match stats

Spartak - Zenit: match statsSpartak - Zenit 1:1 goals: Pavlenko, 28 - Spivak, 16-Besparmak: Zuev, Kovtun, Moises, And Kebe, sheep (Kalinichenko, 27), Vashchuk, Smirnov, Titov, Pavlenko, Pavlyuchenkova: Malafeev, Hovsepyan, Vjestica, Horak, mareЕЎ, Arshavin (Hartig, 55), Igonin, Radimov (Konoplev, 90 3), Spivak, Shirl, Karakalpakistan: Pavlyuchenko, 17; And 39; Kebe, 60 - Asian, 27; Igonin, 73; Radimov, 90 1; Vjestica, 90 Sudha: Evstigneev (Queens)Moscow. "Torpedo" to them. Eduard Streltsov. 8200 viewers. . . Читать полностью -->

Juventus started negotiations with Kluivert

Juventus started negotiations with KluivertTurin "Juventus" ahead of "Manchester United" and "Newcastle" in the race for the striker Barcelona's Patrick Kluivert. Striker Manchester United Ruud van Nistelrooy advised to sir Alex Ferguson that he tried to get Caverta for the next season. As sir Bobby Robson (coach, "Newcastle") still soon after Christmas, confirmed that the magpies are interested in the player.However, Juventus ahead of their rivals, at least at a preliminary stage. General Manager Luciano Moggi already held a first round of negotiations with the agent Patrick. He stated that his client wants to keep his salary at the level at which it is in the "bars" is there a Dutchman 3.2 million pounds per year. The Bianconeri are willing to pay only 2.7 million. Читать полностью -->

Championship Of France. Lyon beat Bordeaux

Championship Of France. Lyon beat Bordeaux0:1 Anderson, 60. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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